Friday, July 29, 2005

This Blog Sh*t, Who I Am and The Pressures of Playing The Game..

First and foremost, this whole bloggin sh*t used to seem reeeeeally stupid to me, like.. who in the f**k has all day to sit behind their PC and chronicle their work week, weekend, break-ups, one night stands, state of depression, drugged out mindstate and/or constant drunkeness...Even more crazy, was the fact that folks get up on these things and read about it, cry, comment, hate, etc... and now...I can't front, lately it seems to serve as therapy for ya boy. If you got some time.. Let me welcome you all inside the mind of a individual known as V-ZILLA THE MONSTER

Alot of folks know me man... It aint a braggadocio thing or a stroke my ego moment, but they know me....and lord knows I been putting in alot of work for quite some time, see..I'M AN MC!..(yeah I know, who don't you know that isn't a rapper nowadays)..Only difference with me is that, the path I chose has lead me to some pretttty big things, considering....I been fortunate enough to travel the world, rock some serious crowds, get some radio spins, sell some units, put a little change in my pocket, do some videos, Lockdown my clothing line and come back home to ZERO NOTARIETY... Mortgage, Light Bills, Cable, Vehicles, Insurance, Etc all still knocking on my door.. better yet pounding on it...

Imagine That.. The irony of being loved in Germany, Sweden, Japan and having your hometown be like... ZILLA-WHO ? (Pre Mike Jones).. But They Know Me... And If They Don't... They Will.. Please Believe..

A deal never seemed that impressive to me unless the artist was getting knocked off with a gangsta ass signing bonus, and the perks outweighed the bullsh*t... I mean lets be realistic, Corporate America and Politics especially in music have never led me to believe that the artist were getting the big end of the stick... So i was stuck in the middle... Underground heads didn't think I was underground enough, and I was right under the radar of being commercial... What to do now ? I just kind of progressed to the point that I was able to rock both sides of the cradle and toss up a middle finger to those that said I couldn't pull it off.. And so here is stands.. July 29, 2005.. Current Status ? Signed.. G-style Entertainment/Eve Media/Sony Music Group... What now ?

Ahhhhhh yes... THE PRESSURE...The underground is co-ed softball in comparison to being on a label where they shoot down 6 out of your best 10 tracks... I could get into some serious details about it all, but why bore you...It's a management thing.. haha... The good news..I got that MONSTER of a hit they been killin' me for... Matter of fact, I knew right when I finished recording it, that it was "The One"(Shouts 2 Frankie J)...AND NOW? the waiting game ensues...The shopping of the singles, the last minute changes, the marketing strategy... The "can we get at least 2 more like that zilla" or my personal favorite, "I like the hook man, killer hook, but we need to bring the verses back down a notch, don't forget the ladies"... AHHHHH YES.. The ladies... and this is only a single folks, can't wait to see what they want to FLIP on the album... (That 6 out of 10 may change to 8 at the rate i'm spitting tracks out.. too strong for them boys)... bottom line.. I understand the game.. Now

Realistically speakling..I was built for this sh*t.. the wait has been worth it (in my eyes)..although some days it does sting like habinero pepper to the tongue...other days I have to convince wifey (as well as my self) that all the late nights in the streets, botched studio times, side hustles and high ass light bills will mean something.... She believes in me... But she also believes in having a contingency plan so she's almost done locking down her Bachelors in Accounting.. (Accounting? Money? Yeaaah I get it now.. Who's Money? haha)...That's real though... I aint a back-up plan kind of cat, I take chances.. I feel i've grown more than I ever imagined as an artist though... Some of my core folks are gonna be pissed... The rest that understand that growth are gonna be like..ABOUT TIME ZILLA...I know who walks with me..I know who walks behind me and I understand the game... Now


Blogger Big Ups! said...


12:30 PM  
Anonymous TERRY HIGHT said...

I never really got into blogs either, but i have to give you dues on this one!!! I'm still here as your old friend, even if you ever stop persuing your dream! Much love from an old school peep! " T "

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Gemini said...

What up Vic. Congrats on getting signed. I know you've been waiting a long time for the right deal, so if you signed, I know you had to get the things you wanted. We're proud of you bro, don't ever forget that. If you need anything, just holler.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous I.G. said...

Good shit Zilla...lotsa perspective..thangs to consider, reflect and blazin' a trail..believe dat..


10:47 PM  
Blogger Mr.Blakes said...

you deserve it
take what's yours

7:00 PM  

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