Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The "Head Banger Boogie Monster" Video is Up !!!!

My DJ.. My Man Comp 1 recently created a "flash player" that showcases his talents as well as some of his greatest moments behind the decks with DJ Cee Plus & The House of Bad Knives, DJ Q-BERT, Live @ The Bench, The Guitar Center Competition, Krackernuttz Competition, The KOOL Mix Competition, Video footage of Soundoner, as well as my video "HEAD BANGER BOOGIE MONSTER" w/ Introduction by ROB-G ... To view each of the videos, click on the icons located directly below the player window and enjoy!!! - ZILLA

WARNING: Adjust your speakers if your viewing this at the J-O-B as some of the contents contain explicit lyrics.

DISCLAIMER: The following videos have been compressed from their original formats thus resulting in low quality resolutions. The High Quality DVD Version of the Head Banger Video is currently available. Contact V-ZILLA for more info.

HIGH QUALITY DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE to download the full 60MB Video. When the window opens, Simply Right Click the "download link" and Save As.