Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Introducing Pitch Brown: "Diamonds in The Rough"

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: We are happy to announce the recent inking of Houston's own PITCH BROWN to the G-Style Entertainment Fam. The self contained 2-Man Unit consists of MC's "Nicks" and "Rokfa", with "Nicks" also doubling as lead producer for the duo. Hailing from the Northside of Houston, Texas, these cats have been burning the midnight oil, perfecting their craft, which caught the eyes and attention of long time friend/supporter Erick Quiroz aka "Q" and Local Hip Hop Artist V-ZILLA, who now serve as official management for the group.

Something about the whole thing just felt right, I recall the first time I met these cats too. Their man "Q" kept telling me about their potential. Being an artist myself, you already know how many folks come up to me on the regular, "so and so is rapping now", "Can you listen to this CD my boy made", so of course I was skeptical from jump street. However, I remember taking a listen anyways, this kid "Rockfa" had this swagger, talkative flow that jumped out at me immediately. I couldn't help but notice the production was extremely soulful, so it shocked me to learn that "Nicks" was behind the boards for all of their tracks. To make the situation even more crazy, he was also an MC and both these cats are from the neighborhood where I grew up, with this... SOUND!!. My advice to them was to keep working, and pretty soon what started out as me giving them some tips and pointers when I had the time, turned into the beginnings of "The Album Before the Album". The rest as they say, is about to be history. - ZILLA

V-ZILLA PRESENTS "The Album Before The Album":
The 16 track offering contains 100% original production, boasting a wide array of laid-back street psalms, Str8 rockin' the block type joints and them Braggadocio soul ballads, made strictly for the ladies. The soundscape comes courtesy of Nicks, Drewski (UMP Music) and Moonshine (Stockbeatz) so we couldn't label it a mixtape. In fact, the CD is split up in 2, THE REAL TALK SIDE features guest spots from V-ZILLA, GT Garza, 245, Young Koppo, Stress, Rob-G and Bavu Blakes while the SLICK TALK SIDE contains guest spots from The Legendary K-O and Corey Franks, guaranteed to bring you one of the freshest releases to date. The CD is slated to drop October 31, 2005 and will be available to purchase online and in the streets near you.

*To listen to snippets from the forthcoming PITCH BROWN Release


Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't Even Know Where To Begin...

ZILLAWEAR75.COM has been taken down while we complete our move to the new server and business to our new printer. Don't sweat it though cause we will be back in effect with all new designs for the S.W.A.T. Edition, Northside Edition and The Monster Edition T's shortly. All orders prior to October 13, 2005 will be fulfilled, for more details or late-shipping information contact and I will handle it personally.

NEW STORE OPENING?: To make a long story short, myself dba ZW75 and some partners of mine (Fly Guy Productions,), E. Quiroz (Pitch Brown) are opening a retail outlet in the Northwest Houston Area. The Shop will specialize in carrying Local and National Clothing Lines, Local and National Artist Releases, DJ Mixtapes, Graff/Artist Pieces, Etc. The Store will also contain a seperate area that doubles as a recording studio and will offer up low rates for 2-3 song demos. I am reaching out to those heads in the community (MC's, DJ's, Graff Artist, Clothing Labels, Indy Bands) and surrounding areas that have merchandise or projects that they think fit the idea of what our store is about. Hit me up at and inquire about consignment/wholesale details and how you can be down with this fresh to def venture. Music Genres will include and not be limited to Hip Hop (Undeground, Commercial, Latin) Reggaeton, DJ Mixtapes, Dance, Club, Alt. Rock/Punk/Emo etc.

*Certain restrictions will apply for all merchandise submissions, especially on music submissions, which will be based on professionalism, quality, raw content (in regards to using other artist music/beats, etc.)

*Serious Inquiries Only!!!!!!

ZILLA MUSIC NEWS: In addition to the big commercial sh*t I been doing w/ ROB-G & S.W.A.T. (recent show openings for Akon in Corpus, Frankie J in San Antonio), I am proud to announce that THE MONSTER is officially back in the muthafu**in building. I just got the word from my label folks @ G-Style/Eve Media earlier this week that were going to press on my single "I HAVE TO GO (produced by Nicks for Pitchbrown) b/w THAT BOY (produced by Moonshine for Stockbeatz).

The Projected release date is going to be early November, with the single appearing on both CD and 12' formats. Side A (I have to go) is a continuation and emotional conclusion to the "LEAVE YOU" track that appeared on 2004's The Lockdown Sessions, I have never to this day recorded anything that carries so much emotion and realism that it simply left every listener in my immediate camp hanging on word for word. Side B is classic ZILLA in braggadocio mode blazing over a gritty moog base fused/neptunish type soundscape compliments of Swedens own Moonshine. This track recently got major radio burn during THE FRIDAY NIGHT TAKE OVER SHOW on Houston's Own KBXX 97.9 The Box. DJ Ebonix was responsible for the leak and will be @ the station tonight (every friday from 1am-3am) waiting for your request (713.390.5979) Last week's spin garnered immediate fan approval and had folks calling up the station on the "WHO WAS THAT" Blast.. Well..the answer is quite simple That's That Boy!!!Zillla

HOUSTON'S OWN "THE LEGENDARY K-O" GET SOME WELL DESERVED B.E.T. LOVE: If you spend any kind of time on the web and never ran across K-O's "George Bush Don't Like Black People" MP3 (a take off Kanye West's "Gold Digger" Track), Chances are you was sleeping. CLICK HERE and get a glimpse of what the rest of the cyber-world now knows about these H-Town Veterans.

ZILLA'S PARTING SHOTS, ETC: Coming October 31st, 2005 "The Day The Game Changed" Mixtape/DVD by V-Zilla. Contains 21 tracks of all new original cuts and blazin' remixes featuring Bavu Blakes, The Legendary K-O, Rob-G & The S.W.A.T Product, Pitch Brown, Teairra Mari, Common, Chino Xl, Sinful, Pitbull and Mariah Carey. Produced by Moonshine for Stockbeatz, Nicks for Pitchbrown and Drewski for UMP Music. CD/DVD Contains Head Banger Boogie Monster and Video.

Why Is Bavu Blakes The Ultimate Muthafu**in Showman ? Not like i've never seen duke get down, but I caught him again this past weekend @ Tycoon Flats in San Antonio, Texas. One word describes what Vu's chemistry, energy and presence alone is like w/ D-Madness and a full band in tow.. I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E

Big shouts going out to the boy ROB-G, just got word from him that his Universal Reps lined him up for a spot in The Source and on EA SPORTS forthcoming version of FIGHT NIGHT, do ya thing in L.A., It's going down... Also shouts to the whole S.W.A.T. Product Fam, and all the DJ's and Fans that be holding us down when we come thru ya town!!! I got some BIGGER NEWS COMING SOON about my role in G-Style Entertainment and our latest acquisition... STAY TUNED !!!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Things Are Moving Now Part 3 of 3...

WARNING: The following blog is Part 3 of 3, in order to view parts 1 and 2, you must scroll down and following it up, Yes, I was not smart enough to re-arrange it correctly the first time and too lazy to want to get it straight the 2nd time...Oh Well, ENJOY- ZILLA

You just gotta love the way the media hypes shit up, gets folks all in a frenzy, starts evacuating the city, causes one of the ugliest traffic jams in the history of transportion, for a storm that brought nothing more than some wind and sprinkles to the 4th largest city in the US known as Houston... I was one of them cats that stayed the fuck home, while everyone was scurrying about like animals out of their cage, I watched as folks took 12 hour trips out of town that normally take 2-4 hours, a bus full of elderly folks burn to death right outside of dallas, my local gas pumps run out of petro and my THUNDA'GROUND SHOWCASE get cancelled for nothing...

The Silver Lining ? The Following HOUSTON PRESS ARTICLE...

CLICK HERE To Read The "Zilla's A Thrilla" article by Travis Ritter.

Followed by The Following DAILY COUGAR ONLINE ARTICLE...

CLICK HERE To Read "Zilla Pushes Underground Upward With Monsters" article by Eli Jabbe

Could it be possible that ya boy is finally getting some well deserved (hell no I aint ashamed to say it) Pub? Even better news is that my street single will be available soon on CD & 12'. "Head Banger Boogie Monster" b/w "That Boy" will be released by G-Style/Eve Media late October to get folks ready for the album in January. Also on tap, my new mixtape "The Day The Game Changed" is set to drop October 31, 2005 featuring such artist as Bavu Blakes, Rob-G & S.W.A.T., The Legendary K-O, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks and Pitch Brown to name a few. Stay tuned for more details...

Me and Rob-G just came back from Corpus this weekend where we opened for AKON, along w/ Baby Bash and Natalie. Had a great time, literally thousands of folks in the crowd (Pictures and Video Coming Soon Courtesy of Fly Guy Productions) and we proceeded to rock'em. Afterwards headed to Club Stingers for the afterparty... Crazy time.. Akon is cool peoples, been having a blast hitting the road and getting more and more exposure from both sides of the game... Radio next ? Yup...

Be sure to come check out Rob-G and The S.W.A.T. this thursday @ The Roxy for the Chamillionaire show... CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

And with that being said... I appreciate the continued support, stay tuned for the revamped, re-issued and new clothing line up from ZILLAWEAR75.COM, We about to open a store in the Northwest part of town so stay tuned for more info, The S.W.A.T. will be in San Antonio this weekend for a show and promoting the new mixtape, so holla @ ya boy... and if u haven't checked out my video for "HEAD BANGER"... Scroll down below to the blog before this and doooooooo that.. Stop Sleeping... It's about to be on...


Things are Moving Now Part 2 of 3

It had been about a week since Phoenix, the feedback, the phone calls, the show bookings, everything had stepped up 10 fold since then, finally got some great momentum going and we were slated to perform @ The Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert... On what felt like the hottest night in The H... We put on a hell of a show.. The Good Folks @ Mofoz Visualz wrote a nice little review about the show... Trust me when I say WE SHUT IT DOWN!!!


Maaaaan..Been hustling copies all over the place, 21 *NEW* Blazing Tracks of Hip Hop and Reggaeton featuring Rob-G and The S.W.A.T. Click, Frankie J, Natalie, Big Gemini and Play N Skillz. Including The Hits "Latinos Stand Up" and "How to Deal" (Reggaeton Looney Tunes Remix). The response has been crazy, enough to warrant our label to push for a December Release of THE OFFICIAL S.W.A.T. ALBUM... Can't say I aint happy about that... just have to be sure to keep my projects intact as well, I aint playing that getting pushed to the side type shit.. I been working too hard on my forthcoming MIXTAPE and ALBUM to even be pushed back.. aint having it and aint happening..... Oh Yeah... You Can Purchase a copy @ SWATPRODUCT.COM.. hahaha.. YUP

Things are moving now Part 1 of 3

"Houston's home, I'm coming for whoever scooped the throne//No matter if their Houston's own"- V ZILLA "The Breakdown"

Yes indeed....When I first hopped on the blog-wagon, I figured I would have time in between studio sessions, work, late night hustles and shows to slide thru and keep my peoples ears perked... Little did I know i'd be this busy, and i'm cool with that, no sleep and all. So much has happened since September, that I felt compelled to take a break and bring you cats to speed... So here it goes, hope you enjoy the contents of this blog, don't really know when I will have time to type another one...

I been down with my crew The S.W.A.T. Product for a minute now, and as the last cat to actually joint their ranks, it felt good to see how much they cut for ya boy, on every level. Of course, ROB-G is the one that made it all possible, his recent signing to LATIUM/UNIVERSAL opened the doors and paved the way for THE S.W.A.T. to get put on and for my solo deal to end up w/ SONY Distribution was just icing on the cake. So the movement begins..


Maaaaaaaaaaaan... The S.W.A.T. Blazed thru Arizona for 3 days promoting THE MOVEMENT MIXTAPE VOLUME 1 and tried to set the spot on fiyah the best way we knew how to... and thats by putting on a good show...We performed at the Club 95 Latino Vibe Concert for Fiestas Patrias and the crowd held us all the way down (Shouts out to Belen and Friends for doing the damn thing in the front row).... We originally performed Saturday night and tore the place up...It got so rowdy at one point, the host had to step up on stage and remind folks that kids were in the front row and to try and restrain themselves from getting too crunk.. hahahaha.. It was lovely...

Fast forward to Sunday, we have a booth set up and selling merchandise outside of the stage area since we were not scheduled to perform this day, alot of folks from the night before were back again (since it was an outdoor festival), seen us and started up The S.W.A.T. Chant... 20 minutes later.. were given a 25 minute time slot and guess who murders it once again... Maaaaaaaaaaaaan.. I was so exhausted at the end of the show, I literally fell out on stage and finished my verse on my back... The crowd loved it.. I was desperately in need of some H20...

Overall though...Phoenix is a beautiful city, with the blue skies and mountains everywhere you go...Can't forget the HEAT, but it's pretty much the same as back home... just more dry. Everyone at the station (manic and co.) to the promoters and just folks in general showed us alot of love throughout the trip and handled everything for us in a professional manner. Some real dope after parties went down at Club Tropicana that Friday night and at The Hard Rock Cafe that Saturday.... I can't front, that left us feeling a little spoiled.. hahaha.. but on the cool it was very much appreciated and we hope to get back there in November.

For those in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa area... be sure and hit up the radio station CLUB 95.1 LATINO VIBE and request Rob-G's "Vamanos" , "Get Loose" or the "How to Deal" Remix w/ Frankie J... Keep the flame lit and we hope to see you soon...