Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Things are moving now Part 1 of 3

"Houston's home, I'm coming for whoever scooped the throne//No matter if their Houston's own"- V ZILLA "The Breakdown"

Yes indeed....When I first hopped on the blog-wagon, I figured I would have time in between studio sessions, work, late night hustles and shows to slide thru and keep my peoples ears perked... Little did I know i'd be this busy, and i'm cool with that, no sleep and all. So much has happened since September, that I felt compelled to take a break and bring you cats to speed... So here it goes, hope you enjoy the contents of this blog, don't really know when I will have time to type another one...

I been down with my crew The S.W.A.T. Product for a minute now, and as the last cat to actually joint their ranks, it felt good to see how much they cut for ya boy, on every level. Of course, ROB-G is the one that made it all possible, his recent signing to LATIUM/UNIVERSAL opened the doors and paved the way for THE S.W.A.T. to get put on and for my solo deal to end up w/ SONY Distribution was just icing on the cake. So the movement begins..


Maaaaaaaaaaaan... The S.W.A.T. Blazed thru Arizona for 3 days promoting THE MOVEMENT MIXTAPE VOLUME 1 and tried to set the spot on fiyah the best way we knew how to... and thats by putting on a good show...We performed at the Club 95 Latino Vibe Concert for Fiestas Patrias and the crowd held us all the way down (Shouts out to Belen and Friends for doing the damn thing in the front row).... We originally performed Saturday night and tore the place up...It got so rowdy at one point, the host had to step up on stage and remind folks that kids were in the front row and to try and restrain themselves from getting too crunk.. hahahaha.. It was lovely...

Fast forward to Sunday, we have a booth set up and selling merchandise outside of the stage area since we were not scheduled to perform this day, alot of folks from the night before were back again (since it was an outdoor festival), seen us and started up The S.W.A.T. Chant... 20 minutes later.. were given a 25 minute time slot and guess who murders it once again... Maaaaaaaaaaaaan.. I was so exhausted at the end of the show, I literally fell out on stage and finished my verse on my back... The crowd loved it.. I was desperately in need of some H20...

Overall though...Phoenix is a beautiful city, with the blue skies and mountains everywhere you go...Can't forget the HEAT, but it's pretty much the same as back home... just more dry. Everyone at the station (manic and co.) to the promoters and just folks in general showed us alot of love throughout the trip and handled everything for us in a professional manner. Some real dope after parties went down at Club Tropicana that Friday night and at The Hard Rock Cafe that Saturday.... I can't front, that left us feeling a little spoiled.. hahaha.. but on the cool it was very much appreciated and we hope to get back there in November.

For those in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa area... be sure and hit up the radio station CLUB 95.1 LATINO VIBE and request Rob-G's "Vamanos" , "Get Loose" or the "How to Deal" Remix w/ Frankie J... Keep the flame lit and we hope to see you soon...


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